cho5Las Vegas is more than just a city for tits and ass. You'd think they left off a couple "s's" from the name and it should be spelled Lass Vegass (although maybe the city council should consider as kind of a new rebranding strategy), but no, that is not the case at all. Las Vegas offers other forms of entertainment. Of course, you are able to see some truly amazing beauties that are unlike anything else in the world.

You are also able to see strip shows the likes you've never seen and book escort services with girls you've probably only ogled in an adult magazine. So yes, there is plenty of adult entertainment going around, but you can have fun outside of the adult side of the city. At least, if you want to. Maybe you have to spend some time with the family before diverting yourself and having a few drinks away from everyone. At least this way, you know where some of the other kinds of entertainment is located.

Family Shows and Restaurants.

There are more than just adult entertainment and hot Las Vegas escorts.That's right, there are plenty of famiy friendly shows on the strip. You might want to avoid taking the daughter to Thunder Down Under, but there are some great concerts and performances the entire family is sure to love. There are also world class restaurants. If you've seen a person on Food Network before, chances are they have a restaurant in Vegas. Maybe you can tell the family you're taking them to a nice dinner at Giada De Laurentiis's restaurant, and while they are checking out the menu, you just check out all the pics of her around the place. However you want to do it, the family can have fun and you can have fun as well.

Fun and Excitement

There are amusement like rides on the outskirts of the city. Maybe you and the family want to check out the Hoover Dam. Or you can see some of the other national parks found within the region. Las Vegas is also a great stop over before heading to California or checking out the other national parks in Utah or Arizona. Whatever it is you decide to do, Las Vegas has it all and it is able to showcase truly amazing times beyond just the tits and ass it is known for. And then, when the family trip is all said and done, you can still return for the tits and ass (Lass Vegass isn't going anywhere).

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